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  • Book: Colorado Trail: Official Guidebook
  • Author: Colorado Trail Foundation
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“Completely redesigned and revised guide to The Colorado Trail that stretches 468 miles from Denver to Durango.The Colorado Trail (CT) is the premier scenic long trail in North America. It winds its way through endless fields of wildflowers to wind-swept mountain passes, from wild mountain rivers and streams to quiet trails through old growth forests. The CT crosses eight mountain ranges, seven National Forests, six Wilderness Areas, and five river systems. Starting near Denver at 5,500 feet and ending near Durango at 7,000 feet, the CT gains and loses almost 76,000 feet in elevation over 468 miles.This eighth edition of the official CT guide has all the information a thru-hiker needs to plan and complete his or her trek. New to this edition are updated GPS waypoints, maps, and rewritten descriptions for the 28 segments, as well as new photographs of spots along the segments.Each segment provides distance, elevation gain, and an overview; a list of trailhead and access points; maps needed; a list of supply points; services and accommodations; detailed trail descriptions; a map; and an elevation gain and loss chart. Additional town maps and mountain bike detour maps (around Wilderness Areas) have been added where applicable.An extensive introduction includes information on planning, supplying, safety, mountain biking, regulations, and backcountry ethics plus chapters on Colorado Trail heritage, natural history, and geology. At the back of the book you will find a graphic summary of the trail, equipment list, ranger districts with contact information, bibliography, and index.”

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