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Download e-book Contratame (Spanish Edition)

  • Book: Contratame (Spanish Edition)
  • Author: Ivonne Vargas
  • Number of pages: 344
  • E-book file-sizes: 4.13 – 14.21 Mb

The competition for a job is fierce and one thing is for sure: just sending a résumé (and a poorly written one, to top it off!), you won’t get the job! Getting hired requires a plan of action, and this book is THE guide to find a job, NOW! You will find advice and solutions to practical questions about how to stand out, the rules for negotiating your first salary, and the steps in a job interview; you will learn the ten commandments for a good candidate, and you will know how many seconds you have to make an impression on your recruiter. With the support of this book, get your résumé to shout, “Hire me!” …and leave unemployment to the other guys.

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