Download ebook However

Download e-book However

  • Book: However
  • Author: Leandro Herrero
  • Number of pages: 438
  • E-book file-sizes: 5.26 – 18.09 Mb

There are two types of people in organizations. ‘Therefore People’ look at all the info and conclude, “We must do X”. The ‘However People’ have the same info, but conclude, “X looks promising, but there is also Y or Z. We always have options”. This is a book about ideas, about people, about work in organizations and it encourages us to look at contrarian or unconventional views, to reframe obvious questions, to be brave and to challenge many default positions that are well-entrenched in our organizations. Organizations are in desperate need of an epidemic of ‘However’ thinking, which is Leandro Herrero’s path to uncovering possibilities. This is a ‘However’ book. It is an invitation to think critically and to engage in work with the belief that it can be remarkable.

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