Download e-book Spiritual Friendship (Soul Care Resources)

Spiritual Friendship (Soul Care Resources)

  • Book: Spiritual Friendship (Soul Care Resources)
  • Author: Mindy Caliguire
  • Number of pages: 96
  • E-book file-sizes: 1.15 – 3.96 Mb

“””Mindy Caliguire knows and cares about the deep things of the soul. She’s been there. And she can be a wise guide here for you,”” says John Ortberg, author of .We are tired. Many of us long for sources of nurture for our weary souls. But we don’t know where to turn. We’ve tried various Christian plans for growth, yet sometimes these programs leave us even more drained and frustrated. Interestingly, the answer can be found in our everyday lives: ordinary relationships can restore life and health to our depleted souls.So why do we resist intimacy with others if it’s part of our soul’s architecture? Because people also cause us pain.Soul Care Resources are designed to be simple, but not simplistic, guides to maintaining or recovering the life and health of your soul. introduces you to principles of friendship that bring focus to your spiritual life. You’ll discover what it takes to have a rich, God-centered relationship that will nourish your soul.You use this book in small chunks of daily reading, covering the whole book in the course of four weeks. Also included are four guided group discussions for use with a small group or a spiritual friend.Also available in the Soul Care Resources series is an introduction to the resources for spiritual health we have in Christ.Are you ready to recover your reserves?”

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