Unique: Revelation (Volume 1) book

Unique: Revelation (Volume 1) book

  • Book: Unique: Revelation (Volume 1)
  • Author: Samantha M. Boehm
  • Number of pages: 334
  • E-book file-sizes: 4.01 – 13.79 Mb

High school is hard enough without being the outcast of the school. Evangeline is Death’s only kin and she is accustomed to being both hated and feared. This is her first year of high school and the year she will develop some of her father’s disastrous powers. Her classmates aren’t the only ones who are worried; Evangeline is terrified of what she might become. As if things cannot get worse her whole life is turned upside down when her only friend and mentor, the vice principal, is arrested by a group of powerful wizards. Things become even more deadly when a dangerous map winds up missing, one that has the potential to be detrimental to life on Earth. Evangeline is determined to help her vice principal, find the missing map and remain in control of her powers; all while keeping up with her homework! This year she must have the heart to do what is right before she loses everything that is important to her.

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